Who Am I?

Molly Montgomery      Photo By: Bobby Thompson 2011


 With little, to no formal training in art, or art history, I work in many styles, I enjoy bold lines and color.  My work is often undone, I never feel finished, I just turn my back and decide to be through with it.  An art teacher in high school said I was Fauve, she could never keep me from my bold lines and contrast, it’s just who I am.  I truly love art, in all its forms and all its stages in history.  I’m lucky to live near Kansas City, Missouri-U.S.A, with its beautiful museums and vibrant art community.

The things that inspire me most are history, love, divinity, nature, music, film.  Often my work is fueled by something darker, lacking romance and inspired by fear, regret or anger.  My goal is to show people how I feel and experience this world, and share that experience with them.   

I have many interests, as a child it was Piano, then in my teens it was theater and acting.  In my early 20’s it was modeling, but I have always loved film, and that is where I landed in my current years, working in front and behind the screen.  But as I type this, and as I approach 30 years of age, I find myself at another crossroad in life.  I don’t know which direction I will choose, maybe I’ll go up?

What Makes Me Tick
Living for me is often a struggle between love,disdain and hate.  Love for the ones I hold dear, laughter, the beauty in nature and so many things in this bizarre world; Hatred for all the evils and injustices that exist now and in the past, and people’s complete lack of empathy towards creatures outside their own species and within; Knowing that people don’t understand and may hate me for my views on God, and sexuality; Disdain for the ones that believe either of those things should hold relevance to our survival and how we live as a species; The knowledge that we  humans are destroying the very habitat we rely on for survival, and I’m an active participant in that.  I hate my hypocrisy.
I yearn for the day, when it is no longer a struggle to hold on to joy, and the fear of it slipping away is no longer a fear.  When everything becomes overwhelming my code (of sorts)  is to just be.  How do you do that?  How do you just exist, to shut out the influences, the noise, all the shit?  Nearly every second I’m alive I’m just being Molly Jean, and on the occasion I have to ask myself…to quote a David O Russell film, “How am I not myself…How am I not myself?  How am I not myself.”
Thank You for Your Time,
Molly Jean Montgomery

Photo by: Bobby Thompson 2010

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