A Brilliant Light

2011 24″x36″  Acrylic.  I got the idea for this painting watching, of all films, “Taxi Driver”  The films main character, is a deteriorating man, he says, “I”m just waiting for the sun to shine.”  Those words resonated with me.  Do you ever feel like you are a bomb about to explode and one day you’re going to just go off, in a brilliant blinding light?   That question could be put in a positive view or negative. For me the subconscious intent was probably just that, both positive and negative. This painting also could be seen in a literal sense, our support of nuclear arms,”Waiting for the sun to shine.”  That terrifying moment when something horrible goes wrong, when everything is absorbed by the burning fire of a thousand suns.  Or waiting for that moment when our fears and worries are no more because nuclear disarmament becomes a reality and, the sky above us is safe.  This paintings original intent was not to be political.   I just came up with the idea, no thought about what it meant, the image came together in my head, and its different meanings revealed themselves when the paint had dried.

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